No stress, no mess – Hands Free Roofing is hands down the best!!

Hands Free Roofing (HFR)

Let HFR acts as a your mediator between the roofer, and the insurance company. Our job is to ensure that you as the homeowner are protected and that the roofing work is completed to the highest standard possible, FREE OF CHARGE!

Here are some ways that HFR can help

Insurance Claim Assistance

HFS will help you navigate the insurance claim process. We will assist you in filing a claim, understanding your policy, and working with your insurance company to ensure that your claim is processed in a timely and efficient manner.


HFR will help facilitate communication between you, the homeowner, the roofer, and the insurance company. We act as a go-between, ensuring that all parties are kept informed of the progress of the work and any issues that may arise.

Quality Control

HFR will also help ensure that the roofing work is of high quality.
We have inspectors that will inspect the work as it progresses and ensure that it meets the industry standards and specifications.

Conflict Resolution

HFR will also help resolve any conflicts that may arise between you as the homeowner, the roofer, and the insurance company.

HFR will ensure that the work is completed to a high standard, that insurance claims are processed efficiently, and that communication is clear and effective between all parties involved. All of this is provided to you FREE OF CHARGE!! Just click the button below! 👇

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